Author: Higuri You

Status: Completed   

Genre: Action , Fantasy , Gender Bender , Shounen Ai , Tragedy ,

Update: Jan 11, 2013


Next update: about Jan 18, 2013


From Storm in Heaven:
Kira Yuuki is a 15 year old boy whose only wish is to be a normal teenager. Despite what he wants, he isn't really human at all -- he's a Lemora Saramanda. There's a strange symbol on his palm, testimony to what his is. Inaba and Yukia are two of the Kira's closest friends. However, because he is a special type of his species, Kira is wanted by others for the power he can bring. The mysterious Rosen Kroitz Secret Society seems to know a great deal about the Saramanda, keeping them as pets and breeding them. One day, Kira is captured by his pursuers, and Inaba and Yukia chase after the car he's trapped in. The accident that follows changes everything for the friends, as does the appearance of Kira's older brother...


Zeus Ch.3 Dec 15, 2014
Zeus Ch.2 Dec 15, 2014
Zeus Ch.1 Dec 15, 2014

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